Bake Much? Canneles, Bread and zOMBIE BRaIn CuPcAkES

A whole plethora of plentiful baking: first attempt at Cannelés, another loaf of my favourite coconut milk bread (from the wonderful book Warm Bread and Honeycake),

and then, a special invention for Halloween 2012 (and looks to be an annual favourite),
Zombie Brain Cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes from my Hard Kaur Chocolate Cake recipe) with Vanilla Mint Buttercream icing (just use my vanilla bean icing, add peppermint essence SLOWLY a TINY BIT AT A TIME to taste, and add a little bit of blue food colouring), with dyed white chocolate gore (for this, just melt the chocolate wrong...add a bit of water...and watch as it gets a consistency which would normally make you tear your hair. Then add red food colouring and blend imperfectly to give flecks of white. Absolutely disgusting. Totally tasty!)

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