Tahini Uber Spread

Tried and tested, changed and experimented with, my Tahini Uber Spread (I can't find the Umlaut! sorry). At last here is the secret (and satanically simple) recipe for my Tahini Uber Spread that will make you and any other eaters of your sandwiches weak in the knees and with a little extra water and salt added...will make you salad munchers ecstatic. In fact, put it anywhere and people will love you. promise.

4 tbsp Tahini
2 1/2 tbsp Black Vinegar (you can use Balsamic but I recommend Chinese black vinegar...especially Jin Jiang vinegar.)
At least 1 tbsp Chili sauce.
Generous drizzle of sesame oil.
Salt to taste.

One small bowl.

Mix all the ingredients together until you have a reddish brown paste...you may want to add a few drops of water if the mixture is too sticky.

Different vinegars have different strengths and the same goes for chili sauce so taste it...see if there is enough of everything for you. When the balance is right the sauce will absolutely sing in your mouth.

A note about chili sauces:

I have experimented with a variety of different chili sauces. I started with rich and medium hot chipotle sauce designed for barbecues which was very good but somewhat flat in flavor, believe it or not.

Next I tried a good, cheap bottle of mexican chili sauce (ingredients: arbol and habanero chilis, water, salt, vinegar. I love ingredients lists like that) which worked very well...just gave the kick and nothing else...this leads me to believe you could use tabasco if you like but i must say a mexican sauce tends to be a little bit thicker and that's a nice quality in the spread.

Last, but certainly not least I tried Harissa (A wonderful and HOT hot sauce that is paste like and often contains carrot a well. Harissa is originally Tunisian, by the way.). That is my favourite at the moment because i feel the kind of heat and hint of sweetness goes really well with the Tahini.

Other Variations:

One thing that's great to do with this sauce is to add pistachios or raisins or both, or even chopped scallions to it, then blending and spreading on your sandwich bread. it creates a variety in texture which means that the sauce flavor is emphasize and you don't end up with that sticky sensation.

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