Best Tahini Tomato Sandwich

Here's one of my favorite uses of my Tahini Uber Spread

They're something luscious about the combination of even just tomato, tahini and a little salt. the salt contrast with the sweet flavor of summer tomatoes and also brings out the watery freshness in the tomato which in turn contrasts with the slightly sticky tahini mixture. The pistachios and scallions give a delectable crunch and the sprouts and cilantro just crank it all up a bit. This is a great summer sandwich for lunch or a light supper.

2tbsp Tahini Uber Spread with pistachios and scallions
1 large slice whole grain bread or one wrap/lahvash piece
1/2 large tomato sliced thickly
small handful of alfalfa or sunflower sprouts
Roughly chopped chopped cilantro
Pinch of salt
Black Pepper
Extra drizzle of fresh tahini

If you are using sliced bread you may want to toast it.
Spread the tahini spread onto the bread and sprinkle on your cilantro. then arrange your tomato slices on top, sprinkle with salt and pile high with sprouts. grind on some black pepper and drizzle the tahini over the whole. (It anchors the sprouts down :)

On toast or sliced bread it can be a little messy but it's worth it. In a wrap it shouldn't cause you any problems.

One additional variation on this sandwich is to make the sandwich, minus the sprouts and extra tahini, on crisp warm Roti. Roti, the thin daily use Indian bread is available in the fridge section of most Indian groceries, such as Shalimar in Central Sq. ALl you have to do to prepare it is rip off the section that you want (make the whole bread for you and a guest) and heat in a tablepoon of oil in a frying pan. it really only takes a couple of minutes.

A note on healthy eating:

As you may know, although I enjoy meat and fish, i try not to eat them to often as I have ethical feelings on that score. the protein in this sandwich and in any sandwich using the Tahini Uber Spread is an added benefit for vegetarians. Also I try to make all my recipes conducive to following the recommended serving of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Sometimes you may even find all five in one meal. which means you can eat ice cream for supper. :)

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Sarah said...

I've seen your reviews at LuckyScent over the past year or more, and today, when I saw one, I decided to google "internazionale zenzation," and lookie here: your blog. Anyway, I enjoy the reviews, and great recipie, btw.

-Sarah from Brookline :)