recipes and such.

I just moved to "Little Armenia". This calls for a full review of what the area, located in Watertown's Coolidge Sq./Corner has to offer.

How to get there: Take the Route 71 bus up from Harvard T towards Watertown Sq. (boarding on the lower level every day except Sunday) which will take you right up Mt. Auburn St. past the lovely Mt. Auburn Cemetary. Get off after the Star Market (ignore it completely if you can.) at Bigelow Ave. Walk in the direction of the Bus and you will come upon a fleet of little grocers that will knock your socks off. Closer in to Watertown Sq. are a host of additional delights, with more to be discovered, I think. So stay tuned, I am giving you the low down on the area, spiced with my own recipes (all recipes in this blog are mine unless otherwise stated) inspired by the ingredients and the summer heat.


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